Terms and Conditions to being a Fountain of Life Partner:

Your organization must adhere to some basic theological tenants:

  1. You must be orthodox in doctrine, believing at least the Apostle's Creed
  2. The Bible must be held in higher esteem than any other book, teaching, apostle or individual
  3. You must believe there are believers outside of your church, organization, or denomination
  4. You must not use Fonte da Vida to spread hate, divide along religious, doctrinal, or tribal lines, or preach violent action

The Following Terms and Conditions also apply:

  1. Your uploads must be of decent quality, both in terms of message preached and technical quality. A breach of this rule may lead to your upload being taken offline.
  2. You must only upload material that you or your organization has the right to upload. You may not upload teachings, resources, or music that someone else has the copyright for.
  3. Fonte da Vida does not profit on individual sermons and this is a service that is provided free of charge. As such, there is no right to monetary compensation for any uploads.
  4. Fonte da Vida reserves the right at any time to take down material that does not fit with these terms and agreements.
  5. A review process will take place when you sign up to be a Fonte da Vida partner and you will be required to upload (2) teachings and/or resources to us to be approved for technical and teaching quality. After the initial review process, you may upload sermons and resources without them being processed.